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Dome Marquee Hire

Dome marquee with a traditional roof used to create a rounded end to a traditional marquee.

  1. Choose your marquee venue and site.
  2. Is there sufficient parking at this venue?
  3. Does the available space allow for enough area for the numbers of guests you are hoping to receive?
  4. Marquees can be constructed on most surfaces. Grass, concrete, tarmac, hardcore, can all be catered for; but what is of more importance, is the question of how level the site is? Even a small angle of a slope can create a very unlevel floor. This can be overcome with building a substructure to level the floor, but it may entail an extra cost, depending on the severity of the slope.
  5. If accommodation is required for your event, how available and close by is it?
  6. What services are on site -.e.g. water and power – and if there is power – is it 3 Phase as this will eliminate the requirement for any generator supply. Are there any available catering facilities on site, and are there any washrooms that can be used? Savings will be great if there are.
  7. Consider proximity to neighbours and who you might need to notify of any increase in noise levels.
  8. Think about your security position, proximity to public roads etc.
  9. Decide what type of structure you have in mind – hardwall is the most flexible, secure and climatically controllable solution; soft wall would offer a more economical alternative, but not the same level of security, and finally old fashioned pole tents offer an ambient option. Bear in mind that water ingress is a possibility in both softwall and pole tents.
  10. If this is a private event, consider hiring an event organiser or at Coopers Marquees, we will also work with you to provide this.