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Cooper's Marquee Hire Blog



Lounge Pod Coffee Tables for Marquee HireWhen choosing your tables; consider size and type. A 5 ft round table will seat 10 guests comfortably with the right chair, i.e. neat seat. Some people prefer to seat their guests 8 on a 5 ft. round table. Others like to have a larger table and will chose to seat 10 guests at a 6 ft round. Bear in mind though, that the larger the table, the more space you are putting between your guests and this may lend for more difficult communication.

A useful table format is to place two trestle tables side by side , with either a 4 ft, or 5 ft half round added at one, or both ends; creating the illusion of an oval table. This can be a very useful layout, especially if there are odd numbers to be catered for, or indeed it might work well as a top table, at a wedding, providing a more friendly seating style for the wedding party.


Milano chairs for marquee hireWithin the Marquee hire industry, chair styles change frequently, and what may have been fashionable a few years ago, might now seem a little jaded or overused. You will be delighted however, to know that there are many interesting, comfortable, and practical alternatives coming to the events industry all of the time; and we work with all the best providers to offer you the many available choices, that will help to make your event stand out, bearing practicality in mind, while keeping your guests comfortably seated. Chairs need to fit neatly around the table, and larger seat pads tend to take up too much space, therefore not sitting snugly into the table, e.g. the old style banqueting chair as seen in conference rooms in hotels. These can make for an overcrowded appearance, and this in turn can have a bearing on the overall size of the marquee.

LED Furniture

LED Furniture for Marquee Hire

LED Furniture for Marquee Hire

Along with a well chosen dining chair, for the dining reception area, there is now a huge amount of LED furniture available, which will brighten up any event, lending atmosphere, providing low level lighting, and all using a very small energy requirement, making them a very safe option, from a fire and health and safety viewpoint. This LED furniture comes in the form of champagne tables, coffee level tables, chairs, sofas, stools, high tables and boxes, and bars. They are very flexible, lightweight, and well designed for comfort too.