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Cooper's Marquee Hire Blog


Coopers Marquee Hire on LocationThis is a brief guide to clear up any confusion for those of you who may be new to the marquee hire industry.

All marquee systems are modular in length i.e., each supplier will hold certain widths within their stock, and these widths are extendable in bays, of 5 metre increments.

There are two main categories of marquee: Traditional and Frame.

Traditional Marquee Hire

When we talk about traditional marquees in the Events Industry we are generally referring to pole tents, soft tops, or marquees that have ropes pegged to the ground on the exterior. Traditional marquees, historically, have been made of a cotton fabric, but for obvious reasons, PVC coated polyester is a more modern and practical fabric. While traditional marquees look very nice, and do offer that, lawn and freshly cut grass ambience, they are not always as practical as they may seem.

Aluminium Framed Marquees

The modern alternative to the traditional marquee is what we know as a ‘framed Marquee’. The framed Marquee offers an internal space which is completely free of poles or any other interruptions, making it a very good choice for large receptions, which require guests to be seated in the one area. The solid aluminium framed marquee offers a reliable structure, because the profiles of the aluminium are strong enough, and engineered to Industry Standards. Due to the strength of the large profiles of the steelwork, they are geared to carry fibreglass walls (which is what we refer to as hardwalls within the industry) and also they can allow for proper glazing panels and glazed doors to be hung.

As a result of this, event marquees are considered very user friendly spaces, with every comfort catered for, including carpeting, internal linings, sophisticated lighting, very level and stable flooring, climatically controllable, and an all around compliance with fire, health and safety standards.

Aluminium framed marquees are usually A framed – but there is also the choice to add on a bell end – to one or both ends, which results in a softer look to the structure, and can also sometimes fit into a space that has a decreasing available space.


Pagodas are very useful small marquees – which usually have a peaked type of roof. They come in small dimensions i.e. 3m x 3m, 4m x 4 m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m. They can either be used as stand alone structures for seating or standing guests, and can be linked together for larger numbers so that you could have four 5m x 5 m pagodas making an overall space of 10m x 10 m. Pagodas are used for bars, champagne receptions, entrance porches, kitchens, smoking shelters, string quartets. Their uses are endless.