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Wedding Marquees

Options for Wedding Marquee Hire

Our Wedding Marquees can give you the flexibility to host your special day when and where you’d like and are perfect for: Weddings, Large and Small.

Our Wedding Marquee Hire Range is renowned for it’s quality and stylishness, guaranteed to give you a fabulous day. Available in infinite configurations and made from the very best materials, there is also a wide variety of accessories available to customise your marquee so that it meets your requirements and your guests’ expectations. We also have a reputation for friendly and helpful staff, our marquee technicians always work swiftly and safely and will both erect and take-down your marquee efficiently.

Coopers Design Tip Use one of our Dance Floors and evening lighting to turn your marquee into the ultimate venue for music and dancing on the night of your special day.


Our suspended cassette floor system is unrivalled in the marquee industry. It sits on a steel subframe which guarantees a flat firm floor. The floor interlocks with the wall system, thus leaving no space for draughts or dangerous cracks making it the best Marquee flooring system.

Walls & Windows
All our marquees are fitted as standard with hard PVC walls to create a comfortable space with perfect climate control and no draughts or flapping noises if conditions are windy. Optionally you can choose to have glass panels fitted for natural lighting or even soft window panels which can be fully opened to the outside. Walls and glass panels are attached to the floor system, thereby sealing the marquee and ensuring heating the marquee is achieved efficiently.

Aluminium glazed doors and white PVC fire-exit doors are fitted as standard with every marquee. Both types are outward opening and fitted with panic bolts.

Our marquees roofs are made of polyester coated PVC within a patented tensioning system which prevents any noisy flapping of the roof covers. The roof overhangs the sidewalls and uses a unique guttering system which feeds into downpipes, thereby avoiding rain blowing off the eaves and back onto the marquee. Ventilation is controlled in the roof space by an adjustable grid at either end of each structure, eliminating the risk of stale air and condensation.

Safety is a paramount aspect of any event and all of our marquees utilise materials of the highest safety standards. Our marquees are tested to very stringent European requirements and comply with wind load rating guidelines. Covers comply with BS 5867 and rigid walls comply with BS 476. Lining fabric complies with BS 5867 Part 2 Type C. and an emergency exit door is fitted approximately every 200 sq. metres.